12 Ways to Generate More Happy Hour Revenue in a Bar

Happy Hours have always been one of the best ways to generate additional sales in a bar or pub to complement the bulk of the revenue that is made at weekends and in the evenings.

Here are 12 tips to give you additional ideas on what you can do to make your Happy Hours more successful:

  1. Advertising & Marketing: Promote your Happy Hour Deals more Aggressively
  2. More Choices Available: Widen the Range of Drinks Available at Happy Hour Prices
  3. A Few Hours or Whole Evening: Extend a Happy Hour All Night Long Promo on a Slow Night
  4. Instantly Double the Revenue: Do a Buy 1-Get-1-Free instead of a 50% Discounted Price
  5. Unique Specials: Make a Low-Priced Cocktail that’s Only Available at Happy Hours
  6. Have More Perks: Provide Snacks for Free or at heavily discounted prices
  7. Free Drinks for Girls: Offer Complimentary Drinks to the Ladies During Happy Hours
  8. Attract the Office Crowd: Hold Special Promotions for Office Staff that Come Straight from Work
  9. Hold Special Events: Arrange Thematic Events such as Property or Travel Agents Nights
  10. Fun & Comfortable: Ensure that there’s a Suitable Environment to Suit the Happy Hour Crowd
  11. Incredible Deals: Offer Slow Moving Products at Almost Cost Price to Clear some Stock
  12. Start the Party Early: Give the First 10 or 20 Customers an Extra Special Deal on Drinks

Do feel free to contribute any other promotional ideas for Happy Hours in the comments below.


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